Every child has talents. Every child has dreams. KidsRights, based in the Netherlands, believes in a world where all children have access to their rights and are enabled to realise the great potential they have within them.

KidsRights promotes the wellbeing of very vulnerable children across the world and advocates the realisation of their rights. KidsRights sees children as changemakers in this process. As Nobel Peace Prize winner and patron of KidsRights, Desmond Tutu says: “KidsRights seeks to give a voice to the voiceless”. 

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July 14, 2014Malala Day 2014

Today it’s Malala Day. In 2013 Malala Yousafzai won the Children’s Peace Prize because she stands up for every ch...

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The KidsRights Index has been launched on November 19, 2013 during a presentation in the Peace Palace, The Hague. The KidsRig...

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