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98 million child labourers worldwide work in agriculture

98 million child labourers worldwide work in agriculture

22 May 2014

Child labour in agriculture is dangerous, often unpaid and it keeps children out of school The KidsRights Foundation published a series of six Kids... Read more>>

39,000 child brides worldwide per day

15 May 2014

In Malawi, 50 percent of the girls marry before their 18th Every year, an estimated over 14 million girls under the age of 18 get married worldwide. ... Read more>>

Moldova: abuse is cause of death for one in three children under five years

08 May 2014

Globally, one in four children are victims of severe violence The report "No Place To Hide" from KidsRights draws attention to physical violence ... Read more>>

Thousands of children in Burkina Faso in the gold mines

05 May 2014

Worldwide, an estimated 1 million child labourers in mines and quarries   With the report 'Minors, not Miners', KidsRights provides an overview... Read more>>

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