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Children's Peace Prize nominee Malala Yousafzai shot

09 October 2012

14 year old Malala Yousafzai, one of the 2011 nominees of the International Children’s Peace Prize, was severely injured in her hometown in the Swat Valley, Pakistan.

Malala was attacked along with 2 other girls on their way back from school. She was shot in the head and the neck, but successfully operated on in the hospital. The attack has already been claimed by the Taliban.


In 2011, Malala became one of the nominees for the International Children’s Peace Prize for her brave efforts to defend the basic rights of children in Pakistan, namely the right of girls to education. Malala is one of the few who stood up against the Talibanisation. She raised her voice for girls education, something the Taliban in her country tried to get banned. This makes her extremely brave but also vulnerable.

KidsRights strongly resents this attack against Malala. The rights of children should be respected everywhere in the world and children who actively promote them, should be honoured and listened to.

Malala did not win the International Children’s Peace Prize 2011, but was awarded the National Peace Award by the Pakistan government that same year.

KidsRights regrets that children who fight for their rights are attacked for raising their voices. We hope that the attack on Malala will not discourage other children to stand up for their rights.

KidsRights wishes Malala strength and health in the coming days and weeks.

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