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  • Name:Carlos
  • Country:Dominican Republic
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Violence, Name & Nationality, Child Participation
  • Nominated by:World Vision

Together we can trigger actions to eradicate violence in the world and understand that childhood is the present for the future

Carlos' Story

Carlos lives in the Dominican Republic, where he leads a child-youth movement advocating children’s rights and the prevention of violence. He is determined to achieve the realization of children’s rights and the eradication of violence, and he loves to see children learning about their rights. Carlos has carried out a range of activities including workshops on violence against children, and giving talks on the importance of birth registration and identification. With Carlos’s support, children in his community have learned about their rights, and how best to report cases of violence. Carlos is very committed to his community’s development and dreams of a country led by great leaders, free from violence.

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