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  • Name:Davison
  • Country:Colombia
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Violence, Child Participation, Health, Peace
  • Nominated by:World Vision International

As long as children keep on growing up in cultures where violence is seen as the instrument to exercise power in a direct, indirect or structural manner, as it occurs in many countries, the need to create and consolidate a space of free participation grows; where children work together with adults to find alternative ways to organize the social living and interpersonal relationships aimed at building a culture of peace

Davison's Story

Davison comes from a neighborhood in Colombia which suffers problems related to drugs, family violence, gang wars and the sexual exploitation of children. It’s not an easy environment in which to grow up, and Davison was moved to join several child movements, including the National Child Movement, where he coordinates and leads workshops to teach children and youth about their rights. These workshops are offered to more than 300 children who gather twice a month. Davison also led the Movement of Peacemakers, developing activities to promote peace and children’s rights. With the support of a university, Davison has been developing a research project since 2015, on sexual education and drug addiction. In the future, he wants to train children to become advocates for peace, so that they can make their own community a safer place to be. 

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