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  • Name:Diego
  • Country:Colombia
  • Age:16
  • Issue:Violence, Peace
  • Nominated by:Chamber of Commerce Bogota

“Peace is not only the signature of a couple of negotiators, peace is every one of us, our actions and of what we consider correct; peace is a question of the moment that we choose to realize and this is the moment of peace”

Diego's Story

Diego comes from Bogotá, Colombia, where schools are often a site of violence, between students themselves and also between students and teachers. Because of this violence, Diego joined the Hermes Programme and became a conflict manager in his community. He has arranged more than 60 conciliatory meetings with children from elementary and high schools, to teach them non-violent ways  to deal with conflict. An astounding 97% of his interventions have been successful. Diego also uses art to promote peaceful living in his community. In the future, he wants to keep fighting for human rights through social projects on reconciliation.

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