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  • Name:Jamilah
  • Country:Croatia
  • Age:14
  • Issue:Child Participation
  • Nominated by:Brave phone

“You must work with love. We are different and have different cultures, but we must fight for children because they are our future”

Jamilah's Story

Jamilah lives in Croatia, and is passionate about supporting her fellow children, regardless of their cultural or religious differences. She was chosen by her schoolmates as a person of trust and went on to become a peer helper, connecting students and teachers. Jamilah gives workshops about children’s rights and has already reached more than a hundred children. This year, on Universal Children’s Day, she gave her schoolmates messages of friendship to encourage them to learn more about each other. Jamilah dreams of being a doctor, so that she can keep helping people. She wants to show everyone how to fight for children’s rights and respect one another. 

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