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  • Name:Kendice
  • Country:Belize
  • Age:16
  • Issue:Child Participation, Disability
  • Nominated by:National Committee for Families and Children

“The backbone of any nation is its youths, and youths start with you.”

Kendice's Story

Kendice has a deep felt love for the children of Belize. Therefore, she promotes children’s rights in many ways. She volunteers in the youth group of the Special Olympics of Belize. She is the Vice President of the Youth Activation Committee, whose main objective is to raise funds and create awareness and sensitization for kids with special needs. Besides that she has been elected the president of the newly formed Child advisory Body of Belize City. Her role is to help the Mayor and the City Council to transform Belize City into a child friendly municipality. Kendice is also a teen reporter in an unique children’s TV program, aiming to raise awareness on children’s rights and engage children and youth in discussions about matters that affect them.

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