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  • Name:Luisa
  • Country:Colombia
  • Age:13
  • Issue:Violence, Child Participation
  • Nominated by:Fundacion Centro Internacional de Educacion y Desarollo Humano (CINDE)

The building of peace requires the participation of everyone, including boys and girls, with facts that resist violence and benefit not only one person but the entire community

Luisa's Story

Luisa grew up in Colombia in a city full of violence. She felt the need for children to have somewhere safe to come together, and so she took the lead in creating children’s participation spaces. At these spaces, local children gather and discuss ways in which they would like to see their world improved, in the areas of family, school, community, and more. Luisa empowers the children and informs them about their rights. Through this initiative, she has become a leader and an inspiring role model. She now takes part in various platforms and councils, empowering children and teaching them about their right to participation. In the future, Luisa wants to study psychology and to continue promoting child participation, showing children how to speak up for themselves and be heard.

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