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  • Name:Paulina
  • Country:Dominican Republic
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Name & Nationality, Child Participation, Health
  • Nominated by:World Vision

“That all boys, girls and teenagers are fully aware of our rights, to demand their respect by all instances within nations, so that we do not need to defend ourselves from social injustices, that deplete children’s lives, making them more vulnerable”

Paulina's Story

Paulina has been involved in social activities for children since she was very young, in her home country of the Dominican Republic. She leads a local child-youth movement, motivating child participation in the community and schools. She works to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and adolescent pregnancies, and to promote the rights of children. She is also President of the Child Council at her school, encouraging children to speak up for change. But one of her biggest achievements is her contribution to birth registration in her community, especially among families of Haitian origin, who face a host of obstacles when trying to register their children’s births. Thanks to Paulina, 60 children have been registered, realizing their right to a name and nationality, and enabling them to go to school. 

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