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  • Name:Santiago
  • Country:Colombia
  • Age:13
  • Issue:Peace, Education
  • Nominated by:Fundación Enfances 2 32 Francia Colombia

“I want the world to be free from wars and in peace, we all want peace since these conflicts affect many children and kills them, and I want this to end”

Santiago's Story

Santiago lives in vulnerable conditions in Colombia, but has become an inspiring role model for his peers. He is known for his leadership and companionship, full of ideas in support of peace and children’s rights. Santiago led a campaign, for example, to create a recreation space for toddlers, defending their right to play and to learn during the process. He has inspired other children to offer dancing lessons, school support and other activities. And he has created a group of planet defenders, who try to save water and energy, and keep the streets clean.

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