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  • Name:Santiago
  • Country:Colombia
  • Age:13
  • Issue:Peace, Education
  • Nominated by:Fundación Enfances 2 32 Francia Colombia

“Peace is needed by all of us, we children must encourage the peace making process and build, as a new generation, a conscious on this theme”

Santiago's Story

Santiago lives with his working mother in a very poor area of Colombia. He is smart and active, and cares a lot about the people around him. He participates actively in forums and discussions about the protection of children’s rights, in particular those of children displaced due to the armed conflict. He is part of the peace-making process, calling all adults to listen to the voice of children who want to live in peace. Santiago is a “manager of peace” in the country, and he dreams of making his contribution to peace in a post-conflict society. 

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