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  • Name:Shirin
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Child Marriage, Education, Violence
  • Nominated by:Plan International Bangladesh

Dare to dream. Be courageous to win the struggle of life

Shirin's Story

Shirin comes from an underprivileged background in Bangladesh and lost her parents at a young age. Despite her difficult childhood, Shirin keeps her dreams alive by continuing to go to school, and impressing the importance of education on other children around her. Shirin is chairman of the Union Child Forum, a children’s organization in her village. She is also what is known as a “wedding buster” – someone who prevents child marriages – and is personally responsible for preventing 17 child marriages in her village. She motivates the children in her community to take action to make things better. She counsels girls on the consequences of child marriage and has persuaded many victims of domestic violence to seek legal support. Shirin embodies the idea that girls can do anything they put their minds to. 

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