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  • Name:Shukhi
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Age:17
  • Issue:Street Children, Violence, Child Marriage
  • Nominated by:UCEP Bangladesh

“Challenges are always there but we need determination to prove ourselves that we have rights. I would like to see that no child will live on the streets and that all children will live a happy life”

Shukhi's Story

Shukhi grew up in a shelter in Bangladesh. She is a wonderful role model for other children in the shelter, especially for the girls. When new children arrive, Shukhi teaches them about children’s rights and how to protect themselves from violence. She understands the traumatic experiences they have lived through, having been there herself. Shukhi believes that if children are properly informed about their rights, they can avoid becoming victim to violence and harassment. She lobbies for education for street girls and opposes child marriage – she successfully prevented the early marriage of one of her friends. Shukhi is an inspiration to many children in the shelter and wants to set up a welfare center of her own, to create opportunities for children like her.

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