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Youth Council Development Alternatives (YCDA) is a Non-Government Organisation, established in the year 1993 with the objective of bringing sustainable change in disadvantaged communities. They carry out field-based interventions focusing on the issues of primary education, community health care and livelihood support system.  YCDA has set up several programmes to support vulnerable children and young people in the region of Odisha. The community is closely involved in all the activities of YCDA.

Children's Alliances for the Realisation of Child Rights

Youth Council for Development Alternatives (YCDA) focuses on vulnerable children with a strong emphasis on education and child labour. With this project the YCDA will open children clubs in 100 villages, where vulnerable children can develop their talents and learn from each other. 30 children will be selected to learn about children's rights and become 'journalists' to spread their messages on this topic. 500 children will receive training in leadership and communication skills.

Period: January 2016 - January 2018
Goal: to create opportunities for children living in difficult circumstances by offering services of quality education, appropriate health care and a community based protection system.


Neha Gupta proves that children are changemakers

Neha Gupta, winner of the International Children's Peace Prize in 2014,  has made it her mission to help the children of the world since the age of nine, and with extraordinary dedication and leadership, she has led her peers across the world to do just that. She has mobilised over a thousand young people in her quest to help those in need. Neha's work is a plea for the right to child and youth participation. Neha has empowered children and youth to become social actors, by supporting her organisation or by starting projects of their own. 

The right of child participation

Child participation is an ongoing process. Informing children, working in an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing outcomes are all part of that process. Despite increased awareness of child participation, there are still major obstacles to its realisation. Among those who are aware of it, there remains a lack of clarity about what exactly child participation  is, and why it is significant.


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