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The Chaeli Campaign was founded in 2004 by International Children’s Peace Prize Winner 2011, Chaeli Mycroft, her sister and 3 friends. They started the Chaeli Campaign to raise R20,000 for Chaeli’s motorised wheelchair. The Chaeli Campaign has grown into a professional organisation and has several programmes to support children with disabilities and their parents. Their aim is to change the life of one disabled child at a time in a significant way.

Pay it Forward Ambassadors Programme

The Chaeli Campaign was founded by Chaeli Mycroft, winner of the International Children's Peace Prize 2011. They have created several programmes to support children with disabilities and their families in South Africa. With this project The Chaeli Campaign will train young ambassadors between the age of 9 and 14 years old in communication, leadership and networking skills needed to make a positive change in their own communities. 

Period: April 2016 - March 2017
Goal: to implement social change and to promote inclusion and diversity by making a difference in communities

The right to child participation

Child participation is an ongoing process. Informing children, working in an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing outcomes are all part of that process. Despite increased awareness of child participation, there are still major obstacles to its realisation. Among those who are aware of it, there remains a lack of clarity about what exactly child participation  is, and why it is significant.


Chaeli fights for inclusion

Chaeli Mycroft won the International Children's Peace Prize 2011 for her help to and continuous strive for children with physical impairments to be taken seriously and valued as worthy members of society. 
Chaeli was born with Cerebral Palsy, which means that she has limited function in her legs and arms. At the age of nine, Chaeli decided that she wanted a motorized wheelchair to become more independent. However, there was no money available to buy her one. That is when she, together with her sister and friends, decided to start The Chaeli Campaign. They sold postcards, flower pots and more to raise money. It was such a great success that they decided to extend their activities to help other children with physical impairments and to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities in general. By doing this, Chaeli is helping more than 3000 children on a yearly basis. 

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