The KidsRights Youngsters

The Youngsters is a unique youth-led advocacy platform of the International Children’s Peace Prize winners that aims to realise children’s rights, as outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Youngsters urge decision makers to put their words into action, to constantly put children’s rights at the heart of the (inter)national agendas, and to collaborate with children and youth to substantially improve the quality of life of children around the globe. The Youngsters are a KidsRights initiative whose purpose is to promote children’s rights with children as changemakers. By creating The Youngsters, KidsRights supports the International Children’s Peace Prize winners in their journeys for change, as The Youngsters urge world leaders, governments, parents and siblings to care about children’s rights around the globe, and act.

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Baruani in the refugee camp in Tanzania
Thandiwe with school children in Zambia
Om Prakash with former child slaves
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