It’s a ‘living document’ that is further shaped depending on the developments and insights that the KidsRights Foundation is experiencing. Integrity is about behavior and culture. The position must be: a working, living and learning culture where integrity can and may be discussed and acting with integrity is paramount.

You can download the integrity policy below and if you have any questions, please contact us via or +31 20 225 8225.

Integriteitsbeleid Stichting KidsRights

KidsRights promotes the wellbeing of very vulnerable children across the world and advocates the realization of their rights. KidsRights sees children as changemakers in this process. As Nobel Peace Prize winner and former patron of KidsRights, Desmond Tutu said:“KidsRights seeks to give a voice to the voiceless”.

To do our job in the safest and best way possible we adhere to a strict cild protection policy, that you can consult and download below.

This Child Protection Policy is meant for employees and Board members of KidsRights. It is also for volunteers, interns, and all people affiliated to KidsRights, who get into contact with the children at the projects of KidsRights’ partners, the Children’s Peace Prize winners and KidsRights Changemakers.

All staff, Board members and other persons representing the KidsRights Foundation are required to acknowledge, agree and sign the Child Protection Policy.

2019 Child Protection Policy KidsRights