The State of Youth is the world’s first online State. Through our tech-based approach we reach and unite youth all over the world, even in the most remote areas.

With this platform we enable them and they inspire each other to come up with community based action plans to make a change. By sharing their initiatives on our platform, young people will inspire, mobilize and support each other. Together they make up a global community of thousands of Changemakers!



KidsRights works with children to create a world in which children’s rights are guaranteed. Together they promote change. Worldwide, there are many talented children with promising initiatives. KidsRights wants all of them to be recognized and supported in their effort to improve children’s rights. No matter how small these initiatives may be, with the right support they can have an enormous unlimited impact.

Through toolkits and blended training they can take action individually, as a changemaker, or in a group, by setting up their own State of Youth Chapter.

They become active with youth-led projects on the intersection of SDG’s and Children’s Rights.


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Under our Program, changemakers can work either individually or in a group.
Individual Changemakers work on specific projects and are divided in 3 levels:

ACTION DEVELOPER: who will receive personal guidance including tips & tricks and individual feedback, and a letter of support. Once the project has been completed, they will receive an Action Developer Certificate;

FUND CATCHER: who will receive customized business cards and funds to support their project. Once the project has been completed, they will receive a Fund Catcher Certificate;

DREAMING BIG: who will receive custom-made professional support, helping them to take their actions to the next level, advice and financial support to start or expand their youth organization, tailored to the specific situation and aspirations.

Changemaker working in groups are called Chapters. Chapters, aim to increase awareness, advocate on pressing issues and create localized action in their own communities. They are formed by:

CHAPTER LEADER: they organize the chapter’s activities. Examples of activities could include organizing fundraisers and hosting workshops or lectures. As a Chapter Leader, they are the point of contact for State of Youth;

CHAPTER MEMBERS: they work together with the Chapter Leader to organize activities. Chapter Members can take on specific roles within the Chapter such as secretary, treasurer or social media manager etc.

Currently we have 232 Chapters from 39 countries!

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Through the KidsRights Program Partners, we partner with local, grassroot organizations. These organizations have the capacity to connect and interact with the changemakers in their community in a more personal way. KidsRights provides the partners with funding to mobilize mentors and young changemakers. KidsRights also offers support through training for mentors and guidance for changemakers. In addition, KidsRights provides the partner organization with the necessary resources and toolkits like- Tips & Tricks on drafting a plan, engaging audience, fundraising, and reporting, action plan and reporting templates, certificates for the changemaker and supporters. 

Each cycle of the Partner Program lasts 6 months. KidsRights and the partner organization work together to mobilize changemakers. These changemakers can decide to work in a group, or a Chapter, or they can work individually as Action Developers. Each partner selects a group of mentors who will help the changemakers in (1) guiding them to transform their idea into an actionable plan, (2) supporting them in the implementation of their project, and (3) helping them draft the impact measurement reports upon completion of the project plan. 

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Our current Partners