The State of Youth is the world’s first online State. On this unique for youth, by youth platform, founded by KidsRights and connected by Facebook, we focus our attention, voice and vision on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goal is to inspire children to create real change and impact worldwide.  

Through our tech-based approach, we reach and unite youth all over the world, even in the most remote areas. With this platform, we enable youth to inspire each other and develop community-based action plans to make a change in their communities. By sharing their initiatives on our platform, young people inspire, mobilize and support each other. Together they make up a global community of thousands of Changemakers! 


Since the launch of State of Youth in September 2019, the community has grown rapidly. In addition to the digital world, State of Youth is now also represented locally in the offline world through our Action Program. Young people become a part of the Action Program individually (as an Action Developer) or as a group (a Chapter). Chapters, run by youth, represent State of Youth locally in their communities.

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This forum allows youth the opportunity to engage with local issues in their own country – by spreading the message, increasing awareness, building advocacy and creating action on issues that directly impact them. 

State of Youth community is led by the Youth Board! It represents KidsRights’ dedication and commitment to enabling children and youth to participate in decision-making processes. KidsRights provides a platform for the Youth Board members to inspire changemakers around the world through their active participation in various activities aimed at supporting children and youth in carrying out meaningful change within their communities, countries and beyond. Their lived experiences, their learnings from change-making activities, their localized understanding of challenges and opportunities, their ability to develop solutions to address various challenges faced by children, and to achieve the SDGs, will propel the envisaged global change-making movement, of youth and led by youth, all around the world.