• Organization: Defence for Children International Liberia (DCI Liberia)
  • Project: Child Rights Advocacy
  • Country: Liberia
  • Goal: Strengthen the justice system by training duty bearers to fortify their role for providing justice for child victims of violence, to raise awareness and to assist children in reporting cases of violence.

Justice for child victims of violence

In cooperation with local organization DCI-Liberia KidsRights wants to strengthen the justice system in Liberia for child victims of violence. Duty bearers within the justice system will receive training to fortify their roles for providing justice for children who have become victims of violence. Furthermore, children who report violent crimes will receive guidance within the justice system.

Our project partner DCI Liberia

DCI-Liberia was established in 2009 as a children’s rights organization in order to defend and promote children’s rights and to urge the government of Liberia to adhere to the regional and international commitments and promises they made that involve the rights of the child. DCI-Liberia’s goal is to promote an environment in which children’s rights, participation and the protection of children are paramount and in which all children have access to the justice system.