• Organization: Youth Coalition for Education Liberia (YOCEL)
  • Project: Making Children’s Voices Count
  • Country: Liberia
  • Goal: To raise awareness on violence against children by means of a capacity building training for children on ICT and social media campaigning

Making Children’s Voices Count

KidsRights will raise awareness on children’s rights and in particular violence against children through social media. Together with local organization YOCEL, we will train twenty children on ICT and social media, leadership and campaigning, so that they can start their own campaigns on violence against children. This way children will inform other children about the existence of children’s rights and expand the circle of awareness across the country.

Our project partner YOCEL

YOCEL is a youth-led organization that has been established in 2013. The organization fights for a world in which every child has equal access to proper education. They focus on education, entrepreneurship and lobbying. They created a platform of young people who are able to speak up. YOCEL emphasizes the participation and commitment of the community as a means to address the needs of young people.