The limitations to child participation opportunities are reflected in the KidsRights Index. Not one of the countries scores the highest possible score in this area.

KidsRights ensures that children are being heard

Together with children, we speak out to world leaders, influence policy, and engage a worldwide audience to act for positive change. We command global attention for children’s rights and the power of children as changemakers. We stimulate public and political debates, and inspire a worldwide audience to act with us. Together, we urge decision-makers to collaborate with children and constantly put children’s rights at the heart of their agendas.

The empowerment of young changemakers

Children have the right to participate in decisions affecting them. This is agreed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We empower children to speak up about their local realities, and share their solutions to today’s burning issues. We focus on personal stories, experiences, and ideals of children. We empower children to co-decide on matters affecting them at home and in their communities, stimulate governments to improve relevant policies and law, and engage other children to act as well. We inspire and mobilize an unstoppable global movement for children’s rights.