• Organisation: Creative Acts
  • Project: Art Attacks
  • Country: United States of America
  • Goal: To teach the youth to raise their voice and to use their right to vote.

Within the project Art Attacks, Creative Acts gives workshops to youth in prison. These youth often come from underprivileged backgrounds and grew up with a lot of violence. The goal of the workshop is to teach these youth that their voice matters. With creative art exercises Creative Acts teaches the youth to express themselves and also raise awareness on their right to vote.  After every workshop they (pre)register them to vote.

Our project partner Creative Arts

Creative Acts is an organization that seeks to  amplify the voices of the most marginalized youth  Their objectives are to use the well documented power of the arts for adults and children who are or were incarcerated, particularly for girls. They use arts-based workshops in children’s prisons and partner with March For Our Lives for longer-term impact as our young people return to their communities.