• Organization: African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN)
  • Project: Promoting the Rights of Children against Violence
  • Country: Liberia
  • Goal: Raise awareness on violence against children by training children and important stakeholders in the community and to increase access to justice for child victims of violence by establishing Child Help Desks.

Child Help Desks

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Story of hope: impact of our project on Fatu

This story of hope is about Fatu. He is a beneficiary of the project 'Child Help Desks' being carried out by ANPPCAN and KidsRights in Liberia.

Together with local organization ANPPCAN KidsRights will improve the implementation of the national Children’s Law of Liberia and increase access to justice for children. We will build two Child Help Desks in Liberia that children can contact to report cases of violence. The Child Help Desks receive and identify cases of violence against children, and will make sure that these will be handled in accordance with the national Children’s Law.

Our project partner ANPPCAN

ANPPCAN was founded in 2001 and focuses on the protection of children by strengthening the community, families, professionals and the government. ANPPCAN wants to improve and strengthen the existing structures for the protection of children and work towards prevention.