• Organization: Gharsah Center
  • Project: Children’s Program
  • Country: Lebanon
  • Objective: Give Syrian child refugees access to formal education in Lebanon.

Children’s Program

In the Children’s Program, the Gharsah Center focuses on three different parts: Get Ready, Keep Going and The Arrival. With the Get Ready program, children from 4 to 6 years old are educated, so that they can transfer to public Lebanese schools as soon as they are of school-age. With the Keep Going program, Gharsah supports children of 10 years and older who are already in Lebanese schools. They do this by means of tutoring in mathematics and English, so that they can adapt to the Lebanese curriculum. When they are in public schools, The Arrival helps support the transport costs to go to these schools.

Our project partner Gharsah Center

Gharsah Center was founded in 2014 by the Syrian Mohamad Al Jounde, winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2017. Mohammed really wanted to go to school after he and his family had fled to Lebanon, but he was unable to do so. Instead of throwing in the towel, Mohamad decided to take action. Together with his family, he founded the Gharsah Center. Gharsah Center is aimed at helping refugee children to access the formal education system and the empowerment of the family, with the focus on women and mothers, to promote the resilience and well-being of the whole family and to encourage them to support their children.