• Organization: Khpal Kor Foundation (KKF)
  • Project: Higher secondary education classes for girls in district Swat
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Objective: With this project Khpal Kor Foundation offers girls the opportunity to follow their final 2 years of secondary education at the Khpal Kor campus. After these two years they are able to continue at university.

Higher secondary education classes for girls in district Swat

Within this project KidsRights supports 30 girls, to finish grade 11 and 12. After these two years at the Khpal Kor Campus the girls are able to continue their education at university.. This is a great opportunity for girls in this district. The girls often come from a poor family and without this project they would have no access to (good quality) education. The goal is that after they have been to university, some of the girls will return to the school and become a teacher. This way female teachers will become more common, and this increase in female teachers will create more opportunities for girls to get their education.

Our project partner KKF

KidsRights’ partner Khpal Kor Foundation has been providing education for vulnerable children since 1996 and promote the rights of children in the Swat and Shangla area, the area Malala Yousafzai, the winner of the Children´s Peace Prize 2013, is from. Malala became an important figure in the battle for girls education after she had been shot in the head by the Taliban in 2012 while she was sitting in a school bus. KidsRights has worked together with KKF twice before and both projects have ended with good results.