• Organization: BRAVE Youth
  • Project: I Care for Peace Movement
  • Country: United States; Chicago
  • Goal: Promoting initiatives to stop violence and end the harsh conditions conducive to violent behavior.

The I Care for Peace Movement is a youth-led series of activities and events that promote peace for youth in the local community. They have anti-violence gatherings and they are organising events in Auburn Gresham to bring the community together and create a safe and stimulating environment. The activities mainly focus on young people aged 6-19 from different backgrounds. Youth from various schools and youth groups from Chicago are invited to the Youth Summit. The aim of the Summit is to promote leadership, as well as training for social justice.

Our project partner BRAVE

BRAVE – which stands for ‘Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere’ is a youth group for the prevention of violence and was formed in 2009. The aim is to train young people how to promote peace and prevent violence in their neighborhoods, while at the same time providing opportunities to create social change through leadership learning, peer to peer support, activism and public speaking.