• Organization: Special Emergency Activity to Restore Children’s Hope (SEARCH)
  • Project: ‘KOWUU’ (means ‘our voices’ in de Mah language)
  • Country: Liberia
  • Goal: Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse of children and youth at schools and in communities, and to create a child-friendly living environment.

Preventing sexual violence

  • 13% of adolescent girls aged 15 to 19 experience sexual violence.
  • Rape is the most frequently reported crime in Liberia.
  • Sexual exploitation and abuse at schools is a national problem.

In cooperation with local organization SEARCH, KidsRights is committed to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation of children and youth at schools and in communities. Five hundred children, key individuals and institutes such as the police, schools, parents and child protection services will receive training on the prevention of sexual violence.

Our project partner SEARCH

SEARCH was founded in 1999. SEARCH commits to the rights of women and children and wants to create an environment that promotes growth and development. The organization focuses on research, lobbying, promoting women’s and children’s rights, peace building, AIDS/HIV prevention and emergency aid.