• Organization: Green Hope (Youth Led)
  • Project: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Youth Impact Conference
  • Country: Canada
  • Objective: The objective for this project is strengthening the base of Green Hope and make a more strategic planning within the organization. The project will be monitored as a pilot for a further development of Green Hope. The mission of Green Hope is to empower teenagers to stand up for their rights and maintain the planet for future generations. They do this through education in the field of environmental sustainability and peer to peer learning.

Green Hope aims to create awareness about the implementation of the SDG’s focused on environmental sustainability. First a number of ambassadors will be trained in Toronto. They will put together an advocacy package and give trainings at schools. This will result in a SDG Youth Impact Conference, where the teenagers will draw up a plan of action for the realization of the SDG’s. The teenagers will take on this plan of action with their schools. This trajectory will be further developed over the coming years in different countries.

Our project partner Green Hope

Green Hope was set up by International Children’s Peace Prize 2016 winner Kehkashan Basu. She founded the organization when she was twelve years old to work on a sustainable future and climate justice. Green Hope has grown into a truly international organization with over 1,000 young people engaged in its activities.