Children’s rights & environment


our children's peace prize winner on environment

"Children are the future of the planet and we have the fundamental right to a life of dignity."

Environmental issues hold a direct connection with children’s rights issues. A healthy environment is essential for the survival, wellbeing and development of children and is therefore a substantial condition for the realization of the Rights of the Child. Simultaneously, the fulfilment of children’s rights is a fundamental part of the protection of the environment, because a child, whose participation rights are protected, can address the governments environmental policy.

The climate change has a worldwide impact. The damage to the environment affects in particular children, as they are extra vulnerable for the consequences. Every year three million children worldwide die under the age of 5 because of diseases related to environmental pollution.

What does KidsRights do?

The International Children’s Peace Price 2016 was awarded to Kehkashan Basu, who has committed her efforts to protecting the environment. To support Kehkashan, KidsRights has invested the Children’s Peace Price project funds 2016 in projects around the world to contribute to this theme.

With the KidsRights Changemakers Program, we connect, inspire and activate young people all around the world to make a change for children’s rights.  You can find the changemakers that fight for the environment here.

KidsRights has published a report on the environment and the impact on children. The protection of the environment and the protection of children should be integrated. Children have a major role to play in this and must be taken seriously.

You can help the Environment!

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