Liberia and violence against children


our children's peace prize winner on violence

"No violence against children is justifiable and all violence against children is preventable."

Liberia, about three times the size of the Netherlands and with 4.2 million inhabitants, is a country that is recovering from a civil war that lasted for fourteen years and the recent Ebola crisis. More than half of the inhabitants of Liberia are under eighteen and almost half of these children have experienced physical violence by the age of fifteen.

Even though Liberia has accepted several laws to protect children’s rights, among which the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and a national Children’s Law, the daily reality shows that these laws are not yet properly complied with.

What does KidsRights do?

KidsRights works together with local partners to address violence against children through research, action and advocacy.

In 2015 Abraham M. Keita from Liberia won the International Children’s Peace Prize for his efforts to fight for justice for children who are victims of violence. To support Keita in his fight for these children, KidsRights invests in projects related to violence against children in Liberia.

KidsRights also published a report on this theme: The Silent Majority. In the report you can find more background information and figures.