To ensure successful outcomes for children’s rights, we partner with local organizations to provide changemakers with the necessary support to tackle complex challenges. Through proximity to mentors, participants are equipped with the resources needed to carry out their projects. ELIX is a progressive civil, non-profit organization that prioritizes education for all children, with a special focus on refugee and migrant children. Their approach is firmly rooted in four thematic areas aligned with children’s rights approach:

  1. Protect the environment
  2. Preserve cultural heritage
  3. Promote non-formal education
  4. Strengthen social cohesion

ELIX’s project, ‘All Children in Education’, started with the process of coordinating with several educators, who in turn, in collaboration with KidsRights, trained the mentors in the field of education. The coordinators and mentors served as the guides and supporters of the changemakers involved in the project. 8 Chapters were then formed with a maximum of 10 changemakers each, which are currently designing all unique projects to improve different human/children’s rights themes in Greece.

Together with the mentors of ELIX, the changemakers will design actionable projects focused on improving the lives of asylum-seeking children, representing themes such as:


  • The right to housing.
  • The right to education.
  • Social, cultural, and economic rights;
  • Social exclusion.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Active citizenship.

We cannot wait to witness the development of changemakers, in terms of planning, research, reaching consensus, presentation, collaboration, etc. In addition, we look forward to draw lessons from the inspiring projects, all designed and carried out by young change makers themselves, who can tackle complex challenges!

At KidsRights, we are committed to partnering with organizations like ELIX who prioritize non-formal education for all children!

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us at Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children worldwide.