To ensure successful outcomes for children’s rights, we partner with local organizations to provide changemakers with the necessary support to tackle complex challenges. Through proximity to mentors, participants are equipped with the resources needed to carry out their projects. Mtoto News International is an innovative media company that prioritizes youth empowerment and connection with policy decision makers worldwide. Their approach is firmly rooted in four thematic areas aligned with KidsRights’ values:

  1. Child participation: we strongly believe that children should be able to express themselves and be active players rather than just passive observers. We work to empower children by creating safe platforms where they can meaningfully participate in initiatives that affect them.
  2. Research and data: We recognize the power of evidence-based research in influencing policies and addressing the gaps in children’s holistic development. Thus, our committed to scaling up research to ensure that children’s voices inform policy, programming, and practice.
  3. Content curation: We are dedicated to developing engaging and meaningful content on children’s rights in various formats such as audio, video, written materials, and infographics. The organization also trains journalists on ethical reporting of children’s stories, prioritizing the best interests of the child and ensuring their safety.
  4. Networking: We aim to build and strengthen child rights movements to drive transformative change that benefits children on national, regional, and global levels.

Mtoto’s project began with the recruitment and training of mentors, who serve as guides and support for the changemakers involved. Chapters were formed around different themes, including

Education and Child Health, Child Participation in Decision Making and Child Rights Advocacy, Climate Change and Its Impact on Children, Digital Access and Online Safety for Children, and Violence Against Children Safety. We look forward to learning about all the projects which will be completed by the young people in these Chapters!

At KidsRights, we are committed to partnering with organizations like Mtoto News International who prioritize youth empowerment and engagement.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please contact us at Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children worldwide