KidsRights and The KidsRights Youngsters were proud contributors to the 2017 Key Club International Convention in San Antonio, Texas, July 4-8. Youngster and 2014 International Children’s Peace Prize winner Neha Gupta was invited to be a keynote speaker at the annual convention, which brings together more than 1,000 Key Club members representing 5,000 clubs and almost 300,000 high school students worldwide who are dedicated to serving their communities.

Neha opened the third day of the convention with the motto “Change the Lead.” Being a young leader herself, Neha took the audience through her personal journey, starting from when she was only nine years old and continuing to her winning the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2014—and beyond.  She shared her actions for children in the United States, who are also in desperate need of support: About 21 percent of American children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level, and they too find their basic needs unmet.

Neha explained that KidsRights encourages children to be strong change-makers, multiplying the impact they make in their own communities and on a global level. As a member of The KidsRights Youngsters Neha urges world leaders and global decision-makers to put their words into actions and to make sure that children and youth are heard on an international level. Neha called upon her audience to follow her lead and bring about real and lasting change, creating a world in which each life is made whole — full of promise, hope, and compassion for others.

“Find a cause that touches your heart, convert your empathy into action, and then let those actions ripple out to inspire others. Be an unstoppable force for good that reaches your friends, your community, and your world.”

Neha invited the audience to start their own change-making actions and post them on social media, tagging The KidsRights Youngsters. The best change-making action will receive an award, sent by Neha herself.