Alya, one of our changemakers from Indonesia, was invited to SEA Today News, a news channel that aims to present the Indonesian perspective on the world.

In her interview, Alya’s involvement with State of Youth was addressed in the context of the role of youth in tackling environmental issues. 

With her chapter, which involves 15 active volunteers in the Indonesian region of Sukabumi and 100 more across the country, Alya  works towards sustainable development, especially in gender equality, and raising awareness about climate change. State of Youth Sukabumi has done several campaigns to create action against climate change, by also speaking to and involving the Indonesian Government. Although the government has obviously an important function in the action for climate change, Alya stresses how important youth participation is to really bring a change in the community – especially in Indonesia, where youth participation is very limited. 

Thanks to the  donations raised through these campaigns, more initiatives and campaigns can now take place and involve more young people! 

You can watch the full interview on YouTube at