Divina is an advocate of intergenerational dialogue and diversity and she is committed to inclusive governance and children participation in peace. To further spread knowledge and take action, she wrote the book Children for Peace, the story of Divina a pacemaker, which traces her activism as a contributor to peace in Africa. 

As the book explains, African countries account for half of the world’s top 20 most vulnerable to terrorist attacks. The most serious threats are: the fusion of terrorism and organized crime; possible control of Africa’s strategic resources by criminal and terrorist groups; obstruction of peacekeeping missions in Africa; and the uncontrolled proliferation of weapons in the region that must be government controlled – this includes drones, cyber weapons, and man-portable air defense systems.

This book is the result of seven years that Divina dedicated to community involvement, international advocacy for the voice of youth and specifically the girl child in the construction of a sustainable peace in Africa, and we are happy to further support her in this step of her journey as a changemaker!