KidsRights is honored to have officially been granted special consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This was decided at the United Nations in New York. The status enables KidsRights to accelerate her work on children’s rights. More specifically, it allows KidsRights to amplify the impact of children as changemakers around the world, bridging their local realities and actions with relevant international decision-making processes.

KidsRights works with young changemakers to create a world in which their rights are guaranteed and they are enabled to realize their great potential. KidsRights is convinced that realizing children’s rights more effectively calls for the inclusion of the perspective, experience and authority of children themselves. Through the KidsRights advocacy and awareness raising program, KidsRights acts as a catalyst. Children are being heard and enabled to co-decide on matters affecting them directly.

The special consultative status that was granted to KidsRights, enables active  contributions to United Nations bodies, processes and conferences. KidsRights gladly takes this opportunity to join forces with The KidsRights Youngsters and engage in partnerships to abundantly celebrate and promote the power of children at the highest international level. Marc Dullaert, Founder and Chairman of KidsRights: “Children have the right to be heard in the decision-making processes that define their futures. KidsRights will use this status to empower young changemakers to realize their rights at the United Nations.”

Together with children as changemakers, KidsRights inspires and empowers a global movement for children’s rights. Because change is possible.