Driving Transformative Changes

Involving children and youth in societal conversations is critical, not just beneficial, for shaping a just and sustainable future. Their initiatives touch on various critical issues, showcasing the breadth and depth of their commitment to bettering the world. Highlighted below are the endeavors of young innovators from State of Youth who participated in interviews:

  • Anoushka Sinha (21) from India founded a”GirlLytical” initiative, a blend of “Girl” and “Analytical.” The primary mission is to identify underprivileged girls with a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and provide them with training and support from female STEM professionals.
  • Tamzid Rahman (16), from Bangladesh, is dedicated to fighting child mortality through his initiative, BloodLink. His app helps connect blood donors to recipients, completely free of cost. BloodLink’s Blood Donor Database currently features over 950+ active blood donors all around Dhaka.
  • Catherine Bosnoian (17) from Egypt leads the “Bridging Gaps – Addressing Global Disparities in Education” project, aimed at raising awareness of worldwide educational inequalities and mobilizing efforts to combat them. The initiative seeks to inform people about education disparities and offer actionable steps for fostering positive change.
  • Brian King (18) from Kenya focused on empowering children with knowledge of their rights and the ability to report abuse. He created school clubs to educate children about the law and connect them with lawyers specializing in children’s law.
  • Ariadna Villavicencio (18) from Peru launched a project in December 2023 to teach emotional self-management to 12-18-year-olds. The goal is to nurture emotionally aware future adults who can shift the next generation’s mindset on mental health.
  • Amal Saji (23) from India a dedicated child welfare andrights activist. His Child Safety Campaign in Kerala reached 6,000 children across 87 villages, offering training on public speaking, personal safety, hygiene, and understanding the the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

Their efforts demonstrate the vital role that youth participation plays in driving change. As Anoushka, a changemaker from India, powerfully states, “Many times young people are questioned for being too young to make a difference, but I think we are changing the world around us in ways unthinkable.” This sentiment captures the essence of why child participation is critical. It’s a testament to the fact that when children and youth are engaged, and their voices valued, society as a whole stands to benefit.

Tamzid, a changemaker from Bangladesh, shares, “Youth offer fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and an unwavering passion that fuels meaningful change. Valuing their ideas empowers them and boosts motivation, leading to a more inclusive and collaborative approach to solving problems.” Echoing Tamzid’s statement, Catherine from Egypt adds, “As tomorrow’s leaders, our creativity and imagination enable us to explore issues from diverse angles, uncovering new and unconventional solutions.” This synergy of views highlights the pivotal role of young minds in shaping a brighter, more innovative future.

The Impact of Valuing Youth Voices

When youth voices are heard and valued, it ignites a sense of empowerment and validation. It confirms that their ideas, experiences, and contributions are essential. This recognition fosters an environment where young people feel inspired to continue their advocacy and innovation. For instance, Anoushka Sinha’s journey from facing silence in a patriarchal society to leading a significant youth movement highlights the transformative power of listening to and valuing young voices. Similarly, the experiences of Tamzid Rahman, Amal Saji, Brian King, Ariadna Villavicencio, and Catherine Bosnoian emphasize the importance of including youth perspectives in discussions about societal issues. Their stories underscore the notion that recognizing youth contributions leads to more inclusive, effective, and sustainable solutions to our challenges.

Unique Perspectives Solving Global Challenges

The perspectives of children and youth, shaped by their varied backgrounds and life experiences, bring innovative insights and creative solutions to the forefront of global issues. Through the dedicated efforts of leaders like Anoushka, Tamzid, Amal, Brian, Ariadna, Catherine and other young changemakers, it’s clear that young voices are crucial in driving societal progress and shaping both our current and future landscapes. One of our changemakers from Algeria added, “Children and youth bring unique viewpoints that can address global challenges through creative thinking and the development of practical problem-solving initiatives.”It’s essential to integrate the ideas and enthusiasm of young people into our strategies for overcoming global challenges.

Our discussions with young innovators worldwide have showcased their remarkable ability to inspire positive change. The innovative solutions and vibrant energy of youth not only offer hope but carve out a clear direction for moving forward, underscoring the necessity of their involvement in creating a better world. Amal Saji, a changemaker from India, says,” Young people’s unique viewpoints can challenge conventional thinking, inspiring novel approaches to complex problems. By involving them in decision-making, we not only empower the younger generation but also harness a diversity of ideas, ensuring a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to addressing pressing global issues.”

Join the Movement

The involvement of young people in addressing and solving global challenges is not just beneficial—it’s imperative. Their energy, creativity, and passion are driving positive changes across communities and the world at large. As society continues to grapple with complex issues, the inclusion of young voices offers hope and direction. By listening to, valuing, and empowering youth, we can unlock a treasure trove of innovative solutions and move closer to achieving a just, equitable, and sustainable world for all. The time to act is now, and the leaders of tomorrow are already paving the way forward. Let’s support, celebrate, and amplify the voices of these young changemakers as they lead the charge towards a brighter future.