As chairman of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Michael Gorbatsjov welcomed our International Children’s Peace Prize in Rome in 2005.

Michael Gorbatsjov was the first Nobel Peace Laureate who awarded the International Children’s Peace Prize. In 2005 it was Nkosi Johnson from South Africa who received the  prize posthumously for his groundbreaking work and brave fight for the rights of children with HIV Aids.

I had the privilege and the pleasure to meet this very kind and visionary leader several times.

The first time was in Moscow in 2004, to present the idea of an International Children’s Peace Prize, which he embraced.

In 2005 we met in Rome, when he helped us with his moral authority, to launch the International Children’s Peace Prize, to encourage and inspire children and youth around the world to stand up for their rights and to become changemakers.

Over the years, thanks to Michael Gorbatsjov and our patron Desmond Tutu, the prize became the most important youth prize of the world, reaching and inspiring billions of people and especially youth, every year in every corner of the world.

The last time we met was in Berlin during the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He was very happy to hear that so many children from around the world were nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize, ”there is always hope for this world” he said.

We are very grateful to him and will remember Michael Gorbatsjov as a beacon of hope.

Marc Dullaert

Chairman & Founder KidsRights