With the release of our KidsRights Impact for 2022, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of our changemakers last year. As an organization we have grown and we have reached new heights in all three of our pillars. This means we have been able to support more changemakers than ever! 


Of course, one of our greatest achievements this year was Rena Kawasaki winning the International Children’s Peace Prize 2022 which reached 2,2 billion people globally!  Rena is an amazing young activist who is advocating for youth participation in Japan. Since she won, she had been featured in numerous newspaper articles and Japan has now put youth participation high on the agenda. Rena also spoke at the 18th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Pyeongchang. She now joins the list of incredible young recipients of the Prize.  

Thanks to winning the ICPP 2021, Nav and Vihaan have managed to extend their waste removal services from 21 to over 50 regions in New Delhi in their fight against air pollution. They have also purchased two electric trucks which should help them expand their project even further! 


2022 marked the 10-year jubilee of the KidsRights Index. KidsRights reviewed 186 countries and the global reach amounted to 3,2 billion impressions around the world. The report sadly found that not much progress has been made in children’s rights globally and that more governments need to start taking children’s rights seriously. It also found that in the next 10 years, one of the biggest challenges to the realization of children’s rights is climate change. Therefore, KidsRights hopes to integrate this as a 6th domain of the KidsRights Index. 


Luckily, we have thousands of young changemakers around the world who are taking children’s rights seriously! In 2022, we welcomed 325 new action plans by changemakers and we rose from 147 to 209 Chapters from 34 countries. On social media, we reached 112 million young people and we managed to offer training to 4.000 young people. 

To read more about our impact, click the link below! 

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