The findings of the KidsRights Index 2023 have been reported in countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Greece, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Namibia, Philippines, Portugal, Switzerland, UAE and USA.

The Report also received spectacular attention in digital and social media. Between 18th June and 3rd July, the KidsRights website had 14.683 unique visitors, out of which 8.539 visited the KidsRights Index page. Social media posts on the KidsRights Index drew heavy traffic. The KidsRights posts on KidsRights Index reached 2.562.720 on Facebook and 1.738.089 on Instagram. Similarly, State of Youth posts on KidsRights Index reached 2.337.812 on Facebook and 3.230.034 on Instagram. The total social media reach for the KidsRights Index 2023 stood at a staggering 9.868.655.

The KidsRights Index 2023 drew attention to the multiple overlapping crisis, also referred to as ‘polycrisis’, that the children around the world have faced in the past year and called on the governments to act with urgency to safeguard children’s rights. The war in Ukraine has disrupted global supply chain security, which has contributed to skyrocketing food and energy prices and has created a steep cost-of-living crisis. This has had a significant impact on children and their caretakers, in addition to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ukraine’s 7.5 million children are the most disproportionately affected by the war and large numbers were displaced from their country of origin.

With the amount of attention garnered by the KidsRights Index across the world, every year the findings of the Report are utilised by policymakers, parliamentarians and child rights advocates for better safeguarding children’s rights.