Our State of Youth Action Program supports changemakers all over the world working to create positive and long lasting impact in their communities covering a wide range of children’s rights issues. In order to ensure that as many young people as possible can participate in our program we have created two streams. These two streams allow changemakers to work as individuals through the Action Developer stream or work in groups through the Chapter stream.

Action Developers join the State of Youth Action Program on their own, they also create, manage and organise their activities on their own and are the sole contact person for us. Once a changemaker joins this stream they enter the initial phase which lasts 3 months and changemakers are expected to conduct around 3 activities during this time, this can for example include, workshops, seminars and awareness raising. Throughout this process, changemakers identify issues themselves and create innovate projects and activites that they wish to carry out. We at KidsRights help them with their projects and send them feedback on how they can improve.

In the Chapter stream, changemakers work in groups we call chapters which are led by chapter leaders. Chapter leaders are expected to recruit members to join their chapter and allocate roles to the members. Chapters usually consist of between 4-to-10-chapter members who help the chapter leader conduct activites. These activities are centred around three pillars: awareness, advocacy, and action. As a chapter, you represent the state of youth in your local community, and you are expected to organise at least one activity every 3 months and report them back to us.

Some of the key differences between the streams include whether changemaking activities are conducted individually or in a group, how long the changemaking activities last and whether the changemaker is representing themselves or their community.

Now with our State of Youth Action Program, all our changemakers have access to an even bigger network of like-minded, enthusiastic changemakers with even more opportunities to create positive change. Whether you prefer conducting changemaking activities on your own or with others, the choice is up to you!

Visit the new State of Youth Action Progam site here: https://stateofyouth.org/opportunity-hub/take-action