KidsRights and Nickelodeon jointly run the worldwide children’s rights campaign ‘Together for Good, Together for KidsRights’. The TV & online campaign aims to raise awareness for millions of children about their rights; such as the right to education, healthy food, hygiene, a roof over their heads, loving care and protection against violence and child labor.

With this campaign, KidsRights wants to show that children are changemakers and that every initiative can have a limitless impact. The campaign features nominees and winners of the International Children’s Peace Prize, the prize that is awarded annually to a remarkable child who fought for children’s rights. These changemakers play the leading role in the Nickelodeon TV spots. They call on peers to become changemakers and encourage them to take action. With their strong message they are a source of inspiration for more than 170 million households worldwide.

Mohamad Al Junde (winner International Children’s Peace Prize 2017): “Every action, small or big, can make a change.”

The spots will be broadcast worldwide from April 2018, in more than 100 countries. The TV campaign ends with the announcement of the winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2018.

Be inspired by the KidsRights changemakers! Because #KidsCan

Watch the first campaign TV spot

Source: youtu.be