Among our partnerships, today we want to feature two partners with whom our collaboration ended by 2022. These partners are the NGOs Todo Mejora, and Umbrella.   

Specifically, Todo Mejora is an NGO from Chile, with whom our partnership went from July to December 2022. Together, KidsRights and Todo Mejora have supported young changemakers to work on issues of LGBTQIA+, children, sexual diversity and inclusivity. A main message learned from the activities of this partnership is that in a world as adult-centric as the one we live in, it is important to remember that an adult’s role is to promote, validate and reinforce practices that allow children to become agents of change.  

Umbrella is a Georgian youth organization that seeks to attract and implement youth-led initiatives in the fields of environment, human rights, and democracy. Our partnership with Umbrella lasted from March to September 2022, during which participants developed projects that contributed to solving various issues in their communities about children’s rights, leadership, the environment and others. By the end of the experience, the changemakers developed problem-solving competence through working on their action plan. They also developed quick thinking competence, because they had to be flexible and find the best ways to implement their projects. While implementing the activities, they developed their planning and organizing competencies, team working and critical thinking competencies. 

We set objectives with all of our partners, no matter where they are in the world, with the intention of inspiring and empowering change makers everywhere!  

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