Around 300 incredible young people engaged with the challenge and the submissions we received were nothing short of remarkable, each one reflecting the incredible creativity and dedication of our participants.

This year, we are proud to announce our top two winners! Muzhda from Afghanistan with her project ‘CodeGreenAfg’ and Sainath from the UAE with his project ‘Marine Robot Cleaner and Plastic Cleaner App’.

Muzhda is an activist from Afghanistan who decided to teach herself how to code after leaving her country. She was inspired through her newfound love for coding to share her knowledge with other girls in Afghanistan who couldn’t attend school and so created her own platform ‘CodeGreenAfg’. CodeGreenAfg is a web-based educational platform that provides free and accessible online learning resources for students, particularly girls in Afghanistan. Through her passion for learning and technology, Muzhda has created this inclusive platform of online resources offering a wide range of courses including maths, computer science, coding, website development and life skills. Her aim with CodeGreenAfg is to open doors for learning and dreams of girls, she wants to give Afghan girls and refugees an opportunity to be heard and included in society. Check out CodeGreenAfg here.

Sainath is an activist from the UAE who is passionate about combatting plastic pollution. The purpose of his project, ‘Marine Robot Cleaner’ is to preserve our marine environment. His Marine Robot Cleaner works to collect waste material from the surface of water, his prototype robot runs with two motors that allows the boat to move in the water with popsicle sticks attached to a wheel and to a third motor which pushes the waste into a storage basket. His prototype can even be operated using a remote control! Along with his Marine Robot Cleaner, Sainath has created a ‘Plastic Cleaner’ App which you can use to scan waste material in the water which the Marine Robot Cleaner will use to identify where to collect waste. His app also allows users to search the type of waste you have collected and how much you have collected, and you can share your results with the Ministry of Environment in your relevant country!

Our winners; Muzhda and Sainath will receive mentorship support from TCS and seed money from KidsRights to help them expand their phenomenal projects and to continue creating positive impact.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our winners and thank all our participants for their outstanding contributions. Your innovations have inspired all of us! The Digital Innovation Challenge has not only showcased groundbreaking ideas but has also ignited a spark that will continue to drive positive changemaking.