We have now launched, with the partnership and support of H&M, the State of Youth Kids platform, extending this opportunity for children aged 6-12. This edutainment platform recognises their potential, combining age-appropriate and engaging children’s rights education with offline action challenges, empowering children to become changemakers in their communities and beyond. The State of Youth Kids platform will support the nurturing of responsible, compassionate individuals who genuinely value and take action to protect the rights of themselves and others, encouraging children to express themselves, participate in decisions affecting them, and seek to create the change they wish to see in the world.

Children’s rights education is important in providing children with essential knowledge about their inherent human rights and helps to promote respect, empathy, and responsibility in an inclusive society. This can be incorporated in both schools and homes in order to develop a deep understanding of rights, and nurture a compassionate generation dedicated to upholding the rights of all individuals.

Children’s rights education is aimed at equipping children with human rights knowledge as well as building an understanding of the significance of these rights in their lives and society at large. It encompasses the principles established in international agreements like the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), highlighting crucial entitlements such as the right to education, protection from harm and exploitation, freedom of expression, and active involvement in decision-making processes. This allows children to be aware of their own rights, encourages them to respect the rights of others, and helps them to develop critical thinking skills regarding fairness and justice. Children’s rights education prepares and empowers children to be responsible, proactive participants in the creation of a more equitable and inclusive world.

We can’t wait to see what these young changemakers do!