It is a great pleasure and honour to announce that the Award Ceremony of the International Children’s Peace Prize 2018 will take place on the International Day of the Rights of the Child,  on Tuesday November 20th in Cape Town, South Africa. The prize will be awarded by Nobel Peace Laureate and Patron of KidsRights and The International Children’s Peace Prize, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
For the last 10 years Archbishop Tutu has honoured us with his patronship of the International Children’s Peace Prize and the KidsRights Foundation. He said “KidsRights gives a voice to the voiceless”. This year we decided to host the award ceremony of the International Children’s Peace Prize in Cape Town, South Africa as a tribute to Archbishop Tutu and to celebrate his patronship and the 15 year anniversary of the KidsRights Foundation. As 2018 also is the 100th birthday of late President and everlasting changemaker Nelson Mandela, it only seems fitting to award this prize which recognizes the new generation of changemakers, in his home country.
The first International Children’s Peace Prize in 2005 was awarded posthumously to Nkosi Johnson from South Africa, a close friend of Nelson Mandela, for his fight for recognition and de-stigmatization of children with HIV/AIDS.
The latest International Children’s Peace Prize, in 2017 was awarded to sixteen-year-old Mohamad Al Jounde from Syria. In the Hall of Knights in The Hague Mohamad received the award from Children’s Peace Prize winner and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, for his tireless efforts to ensure the rights of Syrian refugee children.
The ceremony is broadcast by the international media and reaches in excess of 150 million people worldwide.
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