Under the guidance of KidsRights, I developed a project that not only raised awareness but also empowered young people with the tools to shape a sustainable future. A key component was a practical toolkit I designed, packed with tips for sustainable living. These were simple, doable actions like composting, choosing locally sourced foods, and embracing the three Rs: reuse, reduce, and recycle.  

The project included engaging activities like quizzes, informative talks, toolkit distributions, and drawing competitions, each attracting 15 to 30 participants. A highlight was an event during my school’s career day aimed at students in grades 7 to 9. I talked about sustainable careers and integrating sustainable practices into different professions. After my presentation, with assistance from my friends, we handed out our sustainability toolkit to the entire school, including staff.  

The impact of my initial talk was so profound that the grade 5 teacher invited me to hold a similar session for younger students. This time, the discussion was even more interactive, with the students actively participating in our quiz and being rewarded for their enthusiasm with prizes.  

My efforts reached beyond the school walls. I expanded these initiatives to include other local schools, community children, members of protected buffer zones, and a wider audience via social media.  

Looking back, I am proud to say that the project succeeded. It achieved its goal of raising awareness and motivating young people to take action for a sustainable future. Join me as I continue on this path of empowerment and environmental stewardship.   

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Source: youtu.be