In 2023, Tamzid received the Glocal Teen Hero Bangladesh award from Global Pvt. Ltd. He also received the Bangabandhu International Cyber Security Awareness Award from UNDP Bangladesh and the ICT Ministry of the Bangladesh Government, accompanied by a $10,000 grant.

What is BloodLink Foundation?

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The BloodLink Foundation is an organization that facilitates connections between blood donors and families of children suffering from thalassemia, all at no cost. In partnership with UNDP Bangladesh and icddr,b, BloodLink has developed a comprehensive report addressing the challenges of blood donor shortages in Bangladesh, including mortality rates and other pertinent issues.

BloodLink has created a 45-page comic ebook to encourage blood donation among younger generations. This initiative was supported by a KidsRights Grant and included hosting day-long stalls at various critical locations throughout Dhaka.

Additionally, it is the youngest organization to collaborate officially with the ICT Division of the Government of Bangladesh. The ICT Division has provided a five-person office space in the ICT Tower, Dhaka, which now serves as the headquarters for the BloodLink team.

Moreover, in collaboration with KidsRights and the EMK Center, BloodLink has introduced Bangladesh’s first video series on Blood Donation Awareness, which is currently broadcast across social media platforms.

The Impact of BloodLink 

Since its launch, Tamzid’s BloodLink App has saved the lives of over 500 children. The app has been downloaded over 400 times from the Play Store and has handled over 3,500 blood requests through its messenger chatbot extension. Overall, Tamzid’s initiative has engaged over 15,000 individuals.

Tamzid has also raised over $15,000 in grants with support from entities like the ICT Division, the Government of Bangladesh, KidsRights Foundation, The Pollination Project, and Project Nightfall Philanthropy.

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