Nominated by Time-Matters UK

All 2023 Children’s Peace Prize Nominees

Aaron lives in an area of high social and economic deprivation along with his 3 sisters and mother. His father is in prison. Aaron has had to move home and school for the safety of himself and his family as he experienced violence and bullying from other member of the society. In the face of a huge amount of stigma associated with parental imprisonment and further risks of being bullied, Aaron has spent the last 6 years fighting for the rights of children of prisoners from around the globe, speaking bravely in numerous public arenas about his experiences and his hopes for change.  

Aaron was a child consultant (2018) and helped to re-write the Council of Europe Recommendations concerning children of imprisoned parents into Child Friendly Language, namely “It’s Time to Act”. Aaron was also a Keynote Speaker at the first ever Child Voice conference in Westminster ‘Our Time to be Heard (2019)’. He was the lead consultant for the development of the Child Impact Assessment Tool-Kit for children of prisoners which is now being rolled out across the UK and endorsed by the UK Children’s Commissioner.